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It was a foggy morning when Vladimir woke up. He slowly got up and looks around to see where he was. He saw that the place he was at was a forest.

He began to walk around to see if he could find someone. He slowly began to stop walking when he heard someone singing faintly yet sweetly song.

kodomo no koro ni oitekita
yume o omoidashita
wakakusairo no kanashimi o
hosoku amaku utau
my fairytale

nanimo owaru koto no nai
eien o shitteita
mou daremo kataranai
futari no monogatari

He stopped when he saw a little girl dancing and singing near a lake. He didn't speak to her since he notice the water lit up. When she sang it lit up a soft green color in the water.

He notices the girl stopped and turned to him. The girl had (h/c) hair and dull (e/c) eyes and was wearing a white dress. The little girl seemed very familiar to Vladimir.

The girl walked closer to him and took his hand. She took him deeper in the forest where there is light.
"Why did you take me here" he questioned

The girl didn't say a word to him. All she did was lead him to a cut down tree. She pointed at the stump for him to sit on.

"Do you want me to sit on it" he asked

She nodded

He walk to the stump and sat on it. The girl got closer to him and put her hands on his cheeks. He lowered his for her and she kissed his forehead.

kisu o hitotsu nokoshite
kimi wa doko e yuku
tomoshibi hitotsu daite
mori ni kieteyuku
in the dark

zutto tooku e aruiteku
natsukashii omokage
zutto tooku ga kimi no ie
tadoritsuke wa shinai
your fairytale

yume ni mita eien wa tozasareta mama de
ayamachi wa fukaku kakusareta mama de
kieteiku kaerimichi
kimi ga mou mienai

She let go of his cheek and began to walk away from him in the dark. As she walks away he saw a little light like a lamp. As the figure of the girl startes to disappear from him everything stared to go black.

Everything in this place starts to fade like it being sealed. But before the figure of the girl disappears she turned around and opened her mouth.

... sayonara

That was the last thing she said before she left. Then everything went black and not a single light was shown.

Once again he awoke but on someone lap. That person also sang but it sounded different then the other one he heard.

Leaving the misty forest
Where are you going?
You wave to me once
and head off to tomorrow

I fall in love with you
and eternity ends
The joy and pain  
of living begins
In the light

He looks up and saw it was you and not a little girl. He slowly got up while rubbing his eyes.

"Good morning Vladimir" you whispered

"HI (name)" he said

"Did you have a nice dream while sleeping" you asked

"Yes it was like a fairy tale dream"

"Really how did it go?"

"Will there was a little that kind of look and sound like you then everything went black"

"Will that a very interesting dream you had their"

"It was"

"And there will be more to come" you mumbled

"Did you say something?"

"No, nothing at all"
so i changed the character like 3 time already in this. i finished this and like round 1,000 deviations of fan fiction i read.

song Fairytale (c) Kalafina
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Oh~ What song is that? :3
animegirl1254 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
Fairytale by Kalafina [link]
IAmGermany8210 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh! Thanks! :3
animegirl1254 Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2012
your welcome
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